Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Enormity will follow

Syria's deputy oil minister 'defects';  Al Jazeera
Highest-ranking government member to abandon Bashar al-Assad says he does not wish to die serving a "criminal regime".
Wow finally bit of a  big crack, yes need an  encouragement by hotshots around world, more encouragement, more gasoline on the fire  fore escalation the fire much bigger in numbers and size… and  offers safe net for the defectors.

By the way I was bit avoiding Syrian news yesterday, because I was so horrified by the  the scale of grim sadistic tortures and killing people, I was sad? or  angry? I didn’t know my feeling hard to say,  certainly I was angry at the world, and was suffering the scales of horror, and wondered how could any human being become a such inhuman sadist, committed such inhuman atrocity his own fellow citizen. But then in our haunting history, a few despots their extracurricular of killing people for their eternity but often, their erotic dream were ended with bloody self parody of grime joke.  We all hope things will be  difference from now on!