Friday, March 16, 2012

This is Syrian People life


Annan: Syrians 'want to get on with their lives'. Well he is dreaming, Syrian peoples’ life is seeing truck loaded their people dead bodies. Snipers are waiting everywhere for them go out their  houses or heavy ammunition indiscriminant shelling and firing on everywhere in their towns cites and their streets.  On probably he gets answer from the killer, indicate that the killer needs or bidding more time for fool the world. Cycle of manipulation, on Assad side. he is fighting his own life, he knows he lost,  Syrian people  will not back down or give up their dream, becoming free, their spring, that is their life that is how they want to get on their life, that mean their Syria become free from Assad!  Don’t be fooled by the killer’s sweet talk!  Syrian people deserve their spring that is they want! Their Syria become free from Assad! That is how they want to get on with their life! 
UpDate: You can say what Assad is saying is everything is a pack of lie, he made from optima lie, he can not sustained his power for honesty and truthfulness, that is how he inherited his power from his father that is how he maintained so far, but he is like any another tyrannies before him, that pack of lie comes to end and that is the rope, which strangle his feeble breath, for how long you may well ask that question.   Russia, if civil war break out, there would be whole region unstable that is not good for Russia, they may “enjoy” selling weapons to Assad for killing his innocence people( Russia also should think bigger than their “little enjoyment” in terms of whole micro, geopolitical perspectives) and new president Putin has to provide stability to his unstable standing, and China, well yes  they have to consider the oil price, even if all other things are  not mentioned!  The world economy recovery is fragile!  The entire problems make one simple problem that is Assad he is the problem, so world you should know what to do!  The world more try to deal with the problem, is wasting everyone time! 

Another Update:  According to news,  a spoke person  of Assad said” the regime committed Mr. Annan mission is successful…”     well well drumming and bullshits singsong and fooling around the world again, they had to make a solemn statement because it is  about the UN Security Council make decisions! While bombs explosion going on Damascus, well very timely if I may say so. It seemed to that  they planted  these bombs by themselves for the timely UN SC meeting! they try to say, “ armed gangs and terrorists attack!”  Now we the world is not deceived by bullshit rampage songs anymore, now they try to make another fabrication, out of desperation   by planting bombs by themselves. Good try, but the world is not dummy for sure…,  So Assad regime’ conditional is the opposition stop first,  Syrian people never attacked the regime first, all along it was  peaceful demonstrations, while the régime security force was carried out killings, just shot the people like casually and walked away as if nothing happen, that is that has been Assad, just killing people from the demonstration. He lost his legitimacy, he never considered for his act of committing a criminal  against his own people, wide spread carnage, and using tanks heavily ammunition of shot everywhere, destroy everything, and drive tens thousand people out of their  homes and cites, so  people armed themselves to protect their people.  Syrian people is saying Assad must go, and people will not accept anything other than their Syria free from Assad. You the world do not fooled by psychic lair, he is lying he believes his own lies because he doesn’t any another way.