Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All Come Together!

This is one of the houses in old Homs that was targeted while people were inside. [Pointing to a hole in roof] This mortar shell came from the direction of Homs castle. In Homs castle there are now more than 60 shabiha and security men. ...
Whenever I think of Homs it make me so very very sad, not angry but so heartbrokenness to remember the children and guys at snowy street for collecting snow for drinking! Wonder where are they now?  Why?  Wonder Russia supported killing regime for so long? Their little “ enjoyment” for selling the weapons… even if that is their geopolitical standing, how they can sustainable for  without a ground,  when a regime start to killing their own people they are doomed,  they now turn around supporting UN resolution well yes they know now Assad finished that is why.  Anyway after so many innocent people have been killed by Russia weapons. 

Anyway, for the fighters,  things goes our way, warm wind blows our way, lots of defection, it will be more,  it is time to unite all fighters, you can fight internally but must united to the face of the world, it is crucial time for all come together! Next few months are very crucial, I think “ Friend of Syria” must supplies arms FSA to  prevent causality, Assad will be continuously killing carried because he has no options. When the  problems goes there would  no problems!