Monday, March 12, 2012

We, the World is Watching!

We Now Commentary Who Says What, Make The Record! Sake Of The World! 


Hello hello you have the five power seats we have get the Whole World Love Seat!  Whose power is bigger? 

We just let you know!

The opposition Syrian National Council (SNC):
  "We demand military intervention by Arab and Western countries to protect civilians. We demand establishment of secured humanitarian corridors and zones to protect the civilians.

We demand implementation of a no fly zone over entire Syria to prevent Assad from continuing massacres," Sabra told a news conference in Istanbul.

"We call for international military intervention to 'stop the genocide' in Syria."*
*( I underlined)
Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, told the meeting.

"I appeal to the Security Council to unite strongly behind ending the violence and supporting Mr Annan's mission to help Syria pull back from the brink of a deeper catastrophe," he added.

Alain Juppe, the French foreign minister, appealed directly to Russia and China, while also calling on the council to call for an International Criminal Court investigation into the Syria crackdown, where the UN says more than 7,500 people have died in the past year.

"After months of blocking, I appeal to China and Russia to hear the voices of the Arabs and the world conscience and join us," Juppe said.
But Lavrov maintained his argument against "unilateral" UN action, and repeated Russia's condemnation of NATO's airstrikes in Libya to justify its opposition to the West's campaign on Syria.

Change in the Arab world "must not be achieved by misleading the international community or manipulating the Security Council", Lavrov said.
"Since I came to the region I am following very, very closely developments in Syria and there are 
"Since I came to the region I am following very, very closely developments in Syria and there are grave and appallingreports of atrocities and abuses," Annan told reporters in Ankara on Monday, before meeting Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

"Killings of civilians must end now. The world must send a clear and united message that this is simply unacceptable."


The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the US secretary of state have urged the international community to speak with one voice on Syria.

Hillary Clinton said that Syria's "horrific campaign of violence" had "shocked the conscience of the world".

Hillary Clinton said no country should hesitate to condemn the violence in Syria

So far so good...

I Say: 
Dear the hotshots, the UN Security members!  You are in hot seat. Around around and no more around, but you have to say! OK! Right you are saying OK! Go ahead you love buggers! Go ahead with your fervent! Happy ever after!  you will say!   You are dealing with the whole world hotspot, the love spot! Tender agonise and it is tragic story so far! But you will make the difference now! No more tragic endings but happy endings! Syrian people love story is should be happy ending! They deserve happy endings! Wouldn’t you want to see happy love story? That is what the world wants now!  the world doesn’t want another massacre tragic story!  You have get to give them happy endings! That is all around good!  You know when people in love they die for their love that is all about love! Simple uncompleted and unconditioned love so they become courageous and brave, and endure everything for their love fulfilled!  We have so many succuss love stories! Modern Romeo and Juliet is all happy endings! No more sad endings!   You have to stand for the Syrian Romeos for their Juliet! True love is giving, kind and understanding!  A killer who carried out massacre his own people that is no way justified and that is not love, but sheer of psycho madness. The Syrian Romeos love was bloody so far it was hard and tough, but we know that love is all about that! Worth for fighting, worth for sacrificing!  That is what they are saying!  We, the WHOLE world are watching! Do not underestimate the world of conscience; they are not silence but watching what you are doing! This is not your own family affair but the world of humanity, the world affair! In the end if you do right thing, it is good for your family too! Do not make your medallion ingoted from million peoples’ blood!  Live up your Charter! We, the world is watching!


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