Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We Make a Great Story!

Moreover, Russia, still traumatized by its Cold War defeat, wants to maintain the Syria-Iran axis as a key bargaining chip in its difficult relations with the West, while both it and China are simply weary of the West’s naiveté. As they see it, the immediate choices in the Arab world are not between dictatorship and democracy, but between malevolent stability and apocalyptic mayhem. 
 And yet the West is also hesitant to act, owing to fears of a repeat of the Iraq debacle. Transforming Syria’s Baath regime into a workable democracy is practically impossible, just as it was in the case of Hussein’s Baathist regime in Iraq. But the prospect of a jihadist-style ethnic war that extends throughout the Levant is not especially attractive, either. For Russia and China, too, that cannot be a happy prospect.
Hey you world you have answer in here how to deal with assad! I can see the answer so do you! I was suffering from deep depression! Who doesn't seeing all the atrocity horrors, I saw so many Syrian people horror videos and images I could not post them in here because they were so inhuman, was horrified by sadistic human capabilities. I throught Libya was bad but this is more far  more immensely horrible, feeling intense delineation, you know when you are suffering from agonies you can not even cry just stark bare your emotion. I saw video clip, from Homs military hospital, Assad regime sadistically tortured people in the hospital bed with blindfold and shackled. we all indignation, human dignity are abused that way,  seeing that clearly end of  Assad. He will be chained his neck and his hands and his ankles that way and will be tortured in that way for sure!  Seeing these, all these torture. This evening I was thinking and walking, how lucky I am, same time how brave Syrian people are, they deserve deepest respect and unconditionally  the world should support their spring,  our world should come around and the world  should do decent things to the world humanity, stand for  the courageous Syrian people!  We all gather make a great story for the future!