Saturday, March 24, 2012

Their Heroic Defection

Military defectors unite under Free Syrian Army  is the way! 

Free Syrian Army - A great name goes with their heroic journey as protectors of Syria – the legitimacy of army belongs to the nation and its people not the criminal regime!

Syrian pilot rejects orders to bomb Aleppo, flees to Turkey: opposition source

A SNC source told Al Arabiya that the defected pilot has reached Turkey, adding that President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has lost confidence in the air force fears that pilots sent on a mission could instead bomb the presidential palace or government facilities...

I think Free Syrian Army must united that gives lots of credibility to the world, also “ Friend of Sryia” must arm them, then  we can see lots of defection, they are right they are legitimate Syrian  Army,  they are protecting their nation and they are protecting civilians and  defending peaceful protests  from the criminal regime. So they are the legitimate Syrian Army! The world applaud their defection and their legitimacy! And they refused to be dogs of criminal regime! Their defection is legitimate and that is their dutiful action!   

Russia is the Sinner of Sinner, high string of graced hollowness, gravest ruinous as they are playing hard  for their geo-political double game.  While rest UN Security Council members  of gullibility inabilities  astronomical  ability of impotent,  as so far they failed to in-pregnant  seed of solving problems. While Assad keep carried out pounding and shelling  innocent Syrian people, killing and drive them out of their homes and cities. Where are they have to go?  Annan goes to high profile journey of nunnery, appears to be performance without of any performance  as a qualified envoy of high class silver tongued, silver haired slick dodger-thugs and highly qualified international gangsters!