Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stop Listening to Butcher’s Lie

Amid what seems to be sounds of intense shelling, an activist in Homs says his city is enduring a "genocide".

To Muslim scholars I say, the Syrian people have certain demands, why do you keep launching initiatives and hold failed Arab Summits in Baghdad or Qatar, while Homs is under genocide, Homs is targeted by an cleansing campaign while you are silent. The revolting people have demanded the FSA to be armed and a buffer zone (NFZ) to protect civilians, now we do not know where we are heading to. God is the greatest. There are serious injuries more than six hundred fifty people are wounded across Homs so far as a result of heavy artillery and rocket shelling. I call on Kofi Anan and Muslim scholars, the Syrian people are paying high price in their bloods; we demand a NFZ and arms to the FSA and hospitals to help the injured. There are no HR organisations in Syria, no Red Crescent or Red Cross or any other organisation; we are not asking for bread or water, we are asking for weapons to protect civilians; to support the FSA and the Military Council. We ask the FSA to stand united to protect civilians and topple the regime. The regime will not fall without military intervention and military strike. God is the greatest.

Tomorrow Istanbul meeting, timely as we know why, Assad announce that  that going to stop shellingand slaughtering  Syrian people! What a conveniences, just like that, killer knows the world bunch of excellencies of delinquency gather their ascendant saving Syrian, while genocide is going on Syrian cities. Killer thinks world of bunch of  accelerants excellencies are accepting his compulsive built in lie box in their cherish do nothingness.  Your frail graces were “ green light” to the killer and cost of  thousand of innocence Syrian people life!  Hey you world, your tenderness immense patient is cherished by killer, he applauds your ineffectiveness uselessness for his genocide  resolution! You have now choice! If you believe his lie Syrian will be slaughterhouse, until your next meeting elsewhere!  Protectors of  the killer or arming the FSA, that is your choice, let them fighting!   You do not just come to do show up your granny faces for sake of diplomacy, do the bit of job! what is the problems? The Oily rich countries want to arm the FSA, you should all welcome their initiative and arm them. You should not listen killer liar anymore! You are drag on by the worthless hopeless killer black mail.  Syrian people certainly not accepting anything other than the remove the problem. If you do listen his lies again you are bunch of useless expired terms and  conditions. 
Arm the FSA and let the fire within, you Friend of Syria surround  by make sure the fire not out of hand if you do that there would lots of defection from, few of these massive defections that is all we need, and the election year, make some nice cozy arm dealing which so far Russia monopoly  enjoyed why no you take away that you make yourself enjoy that coziness  certainly nice oily money provided creates lots of  jobs that is good for all around,