Sunday, March 4, 2012

Well The World All Shame On You!

I think UN Security Council should take primary responsibility unable to prevent Syrian atrocity, this is  from the UN SC website as:

The Security Council has primary responsibility, under the Charter,for the maintenance of international peace and security.
What a laughable!  Russia and China double vote against SC resolution for the Syrian crisis, now we can see what their double vote means, it was a green light to wide open  road to  Assad, " Assad you little killer go ahead" so he was genuinely self reification  for his killing spree his own people . What a decoration of their Charter!  They were embellished thousands of people bloody life for their medallions for an grand achievement! You should deadly proud of your dear mate Assad, he is about end his grotto carnage for his own. Your supporting criminal regime is forever ever remembered. The whole world should raise  and destabilized useless ineffective  SC  five permanent members, whose interest based on their own little interest instead of the whole world, they are not mature enough and wise enough to delivery or maintaining their Chart then they must not in there, so we the world must  strip off their misusing power to veto any substantive resolution, as they were only supporting killer regime for their little sniffles. Thousands of Syrian innocence peoples ghosts infiltrate to their backbone and carnage their credo for sure!  

All but so sad, when you see all the heartbroken images how could any human being carried out such atrocity for other human beings that is beyond comprehend. The whole world  all suffer difference ways!   It is manic depressive world!
This from the Guardian

We are not sure what is world doing now!  All but so brave and very sad same time! How come world leaders do nothing, let all  of this happen to! But never too late! 

From Al Jazeera: The President of the UN General Assembly, Nasser Abdul Aziz Al-Nassir, says the United Nations is not doing its job properly.

The Qatari-born diplomat blasted the UN over its failure to agree on a resolution on Syria, telling the London-based Independent newspaper that the world needs a very effective UN and very effective UN Security Council.

He said:

"The world has changed; the UN should also reform itself to deal with the issues of today. Sixty years ago who could imagine we'll be discussing climate change, food security, or the world would reach seven billion people, so we need to see a more active and effective UN. In the Security Council today we see many important and powerful countries, emerging powers in the world, which are also playing good positive roles; they want to see themselves given the right recognition for what they are. If the Security Council reflected the whole world in a fair way, then we would see a more effective council."( I underlined)

I agree with this whole heartily, and UN Security Council ashamed of unable to prevent atrocity of innocence Syrian people. Russia and China veto was the most appalling and inhuman,  should condemned. They didn’t do what is best for the future world of humanity or the world conscience or what is the best for the very people of the Syria, but they sided with war criminal Assad regime for their own little interest, they were blinded by their little short time benefit. They unable to see bit furtherer, only they open bit wide eyes they could have seen what is around, if they support criminal regimes, killing their own innocence people that is not the best interest of whole world, including their own, but then they didn’t know what is humanity!  The whole world hopelessly watching Assad military massacre on Homs and other places, even Red Cross could not get into! Well the world all shame on you! You all go back into dark cave and chewing over your existential crisis! Hey by the way before you retreat your dark cave you have to deal with Assad regime effectively first!