Sunday, March 25, 2012

The One Problem!

Mon, 26 Mar 2012, 07:30 GMT+3 - Syria Via Al Jazeera Blog Activists uploaded a video yesterday showing what they said was the targetting of Em al-Zinnar Church in Homs' Bustan al-Diwan neighbourhood.

You can imagine, big city residential area! Unbelievable!

The opposition must build itself as a credible and attractive alternative to the Assad regime, and the regime’s international and regional critics must assist in that process. Assad’s regime is doomed. It has no legitimacy, and it is bound to fall. But that could take a long time – and come at an alarming cost. The alternative is an effective opposition that enjoys unambiguous support by the key regional and international actors.

This from WSJ: 
 “…Uri Rosenthal, the Dutch Foreign Minister, outlined three main approaches to further increase the pressure on the regime while former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan plows on with his peace mission.
  • Extend the sanctions to other members of the Assad clan and persuade other countries to join the sanctions effort.
  • Encourage defections. 
  • Provide communications and other equipment to the opposition.
 Revolved around the problem, there is one problem: i) tight neck around the problem, ii) defection must encourage not Army level but also all around every levels, iii) O yes they will need super sonic equipments, bundles of highly advanced digital ultrasonic flaw equipment…etc also arming FSA et...The fighters must united under one banner of SNC... Just one problem there is only one problem, we focus on the one problem!
This from AP
 “…buffer zone along the Syrian-Turkish border that would serve as a humanitarian corridor and staging ground for the rebel Free Syrian Army.  ...
Yes also the united Opposition embrace all the difference groups of Syrian there is would be no discrimination after Assad.

P.S. Syrians National Council should changed its face, to be frankly they sit at cozy existence at western world without any hardship, while mess atrocity at the Homs etc… as so far they failed to play effective roles, even failed to united altogether and their supporting was ineffective to the frontline fighters, these figthers been through  or endured immense  hardship and  atrocity, they  rightfully or should play key role to the Opposition, not the comfy prudery heads who only seek role for the sake role.