Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Taste Never Ever Wrong

“de gustibus non…” from today Paul Krumgan  blog I didn’t know  what this mean so I asked Google, I find this  Hume's Aesthetics it says :
“…the verdicts of taste are sentiments, devoid of truth-value, there is no opportunity for the conflicts and failures of reason that give rise to philosophical skepticism…”
Everyone's taste different  that is nothing wrong, so your friend is besotted by his a little pot orchid, keep saying “ o my little precious thing…” you can not tell him he is a scumbag because he caged orchid in his little pot as he entitled too that is his taste.   And it goes on relations of taste, beauty and moral as:
Suppose that Hume regards beauty as a dispositional property. Like the dispositional terms “buoyant” and“brittle,” “beauty” could be predicated of objects, generating judgments that are true or false for different objects. Statements attributing dispositional properties to objects are true even if the appropriate conditions are never satisfied (e.g.,“This vase is brittle” can be true despite the fact that the vase never gets broken). Yet Hume clearly denies that judgments of taste are truth-valued, and he denies that it makes sense to make inferences about an object's beauty in advance of the requisite sentiment (S, 219).  
Hume famously argues that, in order to clarify any idea, “we need but enquire, from what impression is that supposed idea derived” (EHU, 22). If beauty is a dispositional property, then one arrives at the idea of beauty by associating particular causes with particular effects under specific conditions. In Hume's terminology, a dispositional idea of beauty would be the idea of a complex relation of cause and effect. It would be a causal principle, and we could not employ the idea prior to formulating such a principle. Yet, once again, Hume denies an implication of the dispositional analysis. The sentiment of approbation is our only source for our idea of beauty, and there are cases where we recognize beauty in advance of any reasoning about the beautiful object (EPM, 173).

Then this lead me thinking and questions. Is stealing also one’s taste? Why are people stealing? Where their nasty tastes come from?   Anyway, interesting, yes but I thought I had bit of fixation of my taste but nice to know that is OK. o la la… Yes beauty mean my own thing own property I don’t care whether other people agree or not, sunset and I that is all matters…

Google -Melbourne Sunset
The above my sunset that is right my sunset I am sharing with you. I know where is most magnificent sunset beast comes goes whenever he pleases after he goes down I always go to a fish and chip shop and have fish and chips( one of the Melbourne best fish and chips too),  don’t ask me why that is what I think most nice to thing to do that is my taste. You analysis and I am enjoying...