Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something So Enchanting

When you see things so enchanting bit on and on…so I am doing this for the most beautiful orchid in the world  again. You can compare the two  picture below orchids.  They are same spices. You can see why  this particular orchid should  not plaint into pot but leave as they are! 

First,  look the gracious wild thing, full of spirit, it made its effort push its barriers, make poet into agaaaa... state intoxication,  dead branches leaves stone wind cold frost, all winter endured under the snows and frost and coming out earth and see the sky so see the splendor face and natural graces., its full face to the sun’s face. Wowhaa spring it was long winter!  Spurring up to air make sun crazy,  it says to him “kiss me!” so sun kiss it’s face a huge  lovely kisses for reward for her endurance all day, it is his most beautiful lover, until he goes to his dark night harem moon chamber.  

wild thing -

Contrary this sad potting in potting out spiritless soulless thing, in a shadow, lucky to see sun all day inside cool a besotted persons desk, among computer keyboard clicks...proabley music...  able to looks at the sun through glass( that would be bit of luck) or a medicos reception or somewhere busy polluted city apartments something, looking so sad. even its leaves are not so green either and rather fat face!

pot thing
Mind you I am not a racist  wild thing verse  pot thing. I am neutral! But I know which one is superior and I love!!