Friday, January 27, 2012

iAgony iProfit

This from NYT Krugman Article 
And Chinese manufacturing isn’t the only conspicuous example of these advantages in the modern world. Germany remains a highly successful exporter even with workers who cost, on average, $44 an hour — much more than the average cost of American workers. And this success has a lot to do with the support its small and medium-sized companies — the famed Mittelstand — provide to each other via shared suppliers and the maintenance of a skilled work force. 
 The point is that successful companies — or, at any rate, companies that make a large contribution to a nation’s economy — don’t exist in isolation. Prosperity depends on the synergy between companies, on the cluster, not the individual entrepreneur.
 I think no one think about the inevitable Apple(any company) flying off to the much more fertile land to seek  profit you can not blame the companies but blame  all the hotshot economists/policymakers didn’t have their clean crystal bowl to see few decades ahead of their virgin soil narrative. They feel deep sorrow for themselves and self ramification. Then they try to reclaim their abandon mighty soil, well that can be not easy job. One of comments was re; Apple”… the company loads with government money and power…”

AHA AHAHAH.....!!!!