Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No More Empty Trumpet N Korea

I saw a N Korean website is promoting “ …NK is the cheapest labor cost in Asia…” that is true,  but in reality that who is going to invest on the  “ the cheapest labor…” alone invest on  NK.  While you are appears a grandiose bullshit artist with a song sheet is a nuclear brinkmanship. You can not attract foreign businesses by committing 만고죄악 brinkmanship.  Attracting foreign investment requires whole environmental clock work, TQM.  Safe smoth enough to foreign companies invests on their business in long terms. Chinese is a great example how to attract Apples investment.  I am not saying Chinese is right among other things. There is human right issues, but some of people argue that “sweatshop better than starving…” may be may be not true…” but any way I am not discussing sweatshop  in here.  But comparative advantage, why North K you need to open up.  It is simply number of work, that is how business is all about “cost cutting increasing selling = bottom-line profit, see the below Krugman chart. Beautifully illustrates simple numbers that is business all about. 

NK you want attract foreign investment?  Then you should turn this(the below picuture) into 



So your song sheet from now on “ I wanna love you….NOT I wanna blow you up all….!

Up date: also NK is promoting about “…no corruption…” that is true(? i think there is another way corruption) but there are different between under total totalitarian people no incentive for corruptions and S Korean “money envelop”, no incentive for corruptions.  Then you should ask yourself who you like to business?