Saturday, January 28, 2012

Right for Food

 Finally, we need to defend the human right to food. People are hungry not because too little food is being produced, but because their rights are violated with impunity. … 
Hunger is a political question, not just a technical problem. We need markets, of course, but we also need a vision for the future that goes beyond short-term fixes. The global food system will always need firefighters. But what we need more urgently are architects to design a more fire-resistant system.
 You know North Korea hunger is preventive, they have fertile soil, but they failed because of system. Of course every country same, hunger is men made.  They just don’t care people, people mean to end these systems. Well watch out you muffled greedy thieves, condenses your little feeble soul shudder in your flippant sniff whiff!  The great people, they endured so much, when they rise from a mouth of lake they eat whole land with stripe of porous volcano. They will rise and reclaim their dignity, skeptics and noises of Excalibur, their land then shining steeliness power, thrash through rotten souls who violated human dignity.