Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Secretes Of Making Beneficial Fungus

The below picture is from this wonderful website

This is bean paste which is the key thing of making soy sauce. The purpose of this  complex process is harvesting the key fungus - which is beneficial to the human- where smell is so stinky( very strong). The key secrets is the dry loosely tied knot of  rice plants, becase of the rice plants the bean paste able to produce proper good fungus! Amazing isn’t!

O, this farm has this orchid,  unbelievable! the most beautiful orchid in the world! I say, isn’t  so splendors, just come out its face I think May the flowers say it is May! Flowers seas sky… I think is May… Bit more of this magnificence - This orchid is so elegance and grace, it is rugged mountain not high not low but reasonable high, - high mountain orchid are different again-  well jostled windy wings, O our mountain spring jostled with spell petals lust of joy, and thinking of all things,  spring of  its face and flowering about May. Among many other flowers of course, slender leaves and stem of flowers, please pot me not I am  wild and beautiful! It says