Thursday, January 12, 2012

WhoHaA Freezing Friezing!!

Showing off..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pass on the fur coat ….! 

Tough Update : If Korea one peaceful country both sides young people( 2 million?) not have to be their  services to the country in uniform (active military service  S Korean average 2 years and N Korea 3  so total average is about  2.5 years) quick number in your head that is 60 million mens' months, economical value in that men hours is immense that can be put better ways to serve the nation  than in uniform.  Of course even if one Korea there would be, has to be military services. But not that number. the tough training scene beyond ordinary people imagination, impossible but true that is how they would  fighting in a reality! Winter harsh all thing are frozen river stone sky snow…menacing wind… they depend no one but themselves. But when they get through these they can get thought everything in their life.  We can looking at the training as a  quality of human resources which key(only natural resources) resources.

Bit more, I think the above( I pointed out) is very interesting point, in terms of economical cost of current situation and the  unification, if the men hours utilized another way instead of  preparing warfare, not only men hours but the military budget (now just below 3% GDP SKorea), the nation’s  cost of losing their prime time, take away for 30 months, unable to learn or work other things important to service society(immeasurable  possibilities) instead of combat skills…    top of my head everyone agree two Korea have a huge huge incentive for unification.