Friday, January 6, 2012

How to make Kimchi

She is so good! She is talking very easily and nicely and make you easy! Like a mother! She tastes them like a mother! Shower cabbages but crunch bit, how do you know when it is crunch time? I think the crunch is important becase cabbage is not so docile and have some spirits. Very easy to make Kimchi I have been watching her clips many times over for learning. Old days making Kimchi was a huge massive affair, many many huge clay pots around garden shed under fruits trees, o yes my favorite persimmons trees there greeting me, hangs hangs drops red persimmons, have my sweet fruits! It would say, anyway, have been watching with awe. A massive mobilization of Kimchi making! Yes there was small occasions, I think that was not to proper Kimchi making but quickie for other seasonal and many different type of Kimchi. All these huge pots not there but this is new generation Kimchi which is hybrid like many others, innovation, but I miss old things I like old things that you can not buy. But anyway so I am learning how to make Kimchi, now just been watching, so things make me familiar, thinking about things to buy and when I am going to start, you see not easy tasks so complicated that is why… wonder why food making is so complicated…

From Wikipedia

I bet when you are grow up city you have no idea of how fruit grow you may think the fruit come from your local supermarket backyard. But I can see flowers to fruits and I know how to pluck these fruits even just sitting under the tree ha ha that are my secretes.


The above  persimmons are drying, pilled skin and dry for sometimes, when they become dark brown and really become sweet and you can have them afternoon snacks after school.