Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Grandiose Greatest Bizarre Spectacle

I think N Korea should open its door to outside incrementally; Open to the world bit by bit by niche what you have – this must goes with hand to hand with safety.

1) Tourisms, for uniqueness, you are the most hermit totalitarianism in the world.  It is definitely niche, no other countries have it, telling story and showing the world, the most grandiose greatest bizarre spectacle. Hey think about, nowadays people tired of ordinariness, people don’t spend their buck for what they can see their own backyard. People are bored by ordinaries.    You have the most unique bizarre system which the worlds want to see. They want  to see ordinary peoples sufferings and hardship.   Your propaganda machine able to turn them into the uniqueness bizarreness and sodomise the world consciences grandiose most weird, - yes more weird the better- scale.  Says,  “hey you masochistic world  you have buck we have the most weird masochistic show in the earth, come to see us!” kind of attitude, you get it?  Some of articles say, some Korean genuinely believe eat less and endure their hardship is helping their country.    Weirdly packaging up and promote to the world tourism market.

2) Opens old hermit culture almost never open thousands years outside the world. Let the world see the glimpse of ordinary Korean people’s life (must authentic and buck for, let the ordinary people making money too not only you). Open old towns where mass old Korean style houses; open up courtside how ordinary people lives are. Everything old traditional is much better, old historical cultural sites developed (join venture development S Korea, ask them I bet they are more than happy to do it).  Goes with traditional cuisine. This is much better than for begging it is capitalist concept, what you have exchange for buck, not asking free hand out, you get it? Ok cool.  

3) Revival old style rituals and entertainments, i.e. ancestries worships, weddings, family, ordinary people life rituals authentic way…,  also show your own current system spectacles…, this is much better earning than your cheap franchises restaurants around traps.

4) Open up atrocities sites; 1990s mass starvation, labor camp, grave yards, orphanages … people pay authentic for their buck…you see anyway they had or have been suffering so why not making money from current situation. i.e.  orphanages, if people pay entry fee that can go to the orphanages, not your pocket.  
5) Open bazaars market for traditional hand craft people able to sell their hand craft. This encourage people making things their spare time. Do not filter who to sell but let everyone whoever have things to sell. Yes market is called market economic this is start.

It will not much disturb your system but what you have now it is bit open up for the buck, that would be much reward.

The people, whoever you are in power, at glance you are old enough and been  lived good life, probably traveled outside of Korea too so you would see how differences are.  Your current situations predictable. Without open you can not feed 25 million, how long are you going to begging and threatening  brinkmanship, no other countries blink on their eyeballs.  Is a chance, take this chance you rid, you have too.  

Think about it, inevitably what is going to happen. What is power for? It can not be sustainable, yes you are stuck. The only way out is you have to open to the world.