Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sejong the Great

Sejong the Great -  Is he your man or not? 

image from Wikipedia

I think the Korean leaders should learn from the Sejong the Great, if you want loved by people forever and you want be their man forever then,  you are not only sagacious (not smart but sagacious, everyone can be smart but everyone can not be sagacious), effective and squawky clean. When you abused power for your enrichment that is end of your story. Power is intoxication it is addictive. One of the key ingredient of leadership is integrity, incorruptible, that gives you firm ground for your standing.  We are all corruptible by nature there is no such thing  clean clean. But when you are in a leadership position that not only gives you legitimacy but also credibility you can perform.  That is why we were forced read or forced to listen so many fairy tales and stories that revolved around what is wrong what is right.  That is the starting  point we think of the Just.  While you are  living in utter luxury and while millions of people starving well that is not leading but you committed 만고죄악”( ten thousand traitorous deadly). Leadership is lonely and hard, in my point of view. Unconditional commitment of the position your heart and soul. If you can not,  you should not be that leadership position or you can not be a leader.  End of the day you depend no one but yourselves.   That is why,  Sejong the Great brothers all give up for their  kingships for his younger brother, that is why he is  Sejong the Great, during his rules,  not only he is the creator of Hangul,  but also one of the most prosper all around, -  technology, science, art, and   economic and peacefullness etc... - Period in Korea.  Indeed he is our man.  Now days S Korean has a shameful  scandal about “money envelope” among politicians, it is not laughable, amazing still…, economical maturalty follows graces, certainly not money envelope in your lunch box  is not grace for sure!  Hey S Korean politicians grow up and have bit of grace “money envelope” is 만고죄악, all strip off and sent them a labor camp for their life!  if  Sejong the Great is your man, then  the Korean leadership  certainly can do better than starving million innocent people to death, put them in misery and still craving “money envelope” as their breadline.  What a national disgraces!