Monday, January 9, 2012

Secrets of Making Korean Food

Some people say Korean foods are difficult to make. This is because most Americans do not have basic ingredients and condiments readily in their kitchen when cooking Korean foods. Some of these ingredients are often semi-prepared and stored for long term because it is often used. Preparing each and every ingredient for each Korean cooking will take lots of time and effort. For example, minced / crushed ginger and garlic are often in Korean recipes. Same goes for half crushed sesame seeds. Soy sauce and soy paste are must. 
Humb I am happy that I am not a loser in the Kitchen, but Ok if you can not make any Korean food, so I blame the time not me.

When I was growing up in Korea, it was pretty common to see people making their own soy sauce including my mom, who used to have 3 barrels of soy sauce that lasted us about 10 years. I used to wonder why it took so long to make soy sauce but it lasts a lifetime once you make it....

Do you see that word “ 10 years” that is heck of long time in this lighting-bomb age, who is going to make sauce that for  next 10 years, I may dead then,… you can see some of the how to make soy sauce 메주( I don’t know what is called English a kind of soy bean paste- smell is really stinky…!!!), below  pictures are so similar to our  house, the  메주 room much darker room behind main house it situated food storage house, lots of good things there along many spooky things.  All the stonewares,  the huge big black pots boils water all the time, firing pine tree stuff so nice warm scent of pine…if you are nice you are allow to sit near fire and you can read story books and tasty snacks for special treat…there was no cold winter… anyway… by the way when special occasions, it was very exciting things happen as massive women were cooking… hangs around…

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So I know how to eat traditional Korean food very well indeed  but OK not able to make them!