Friday, February 11, 2011

No One Indispensible In This World!

Early this morning I thought all Egyptian people was reaching their Holy Grail. O what a beautiful morning was with full genies sings, puns wits jokes chant around all my morning. Gosh the stuffy stoned Mubarak was the dead man walking, he didn’t know how to couples and please. He was the walking mummy with his crippled walking stick, an amnesia mortarboard and shrouded with kowtows off-limits. Thirty years inside his coffin he has never learned the lesson “Grace”, he was forgotten who he was, he was a zombie, was calling his finals. Gosh when you do quick dirty number work on his $70 billon, able to build least 10 top science institutions with magnificent research centres with top notch academic staff and with full of thrilling young minds. Ofcourse administrated by well trained but crazy PP ( Public Pest) like me- Alan calls me - the formidable Excalibur whip drive everyone around band with rotten manners. Imaging what is is like within ten years time?

Sums up, you have no obligation for your enemies, it is time to build a super cold blood thirsty Marvel Universe and you crowned yourself as The Chief, that is right you are the Chief! The Dark Knight Avenger, The Batman, O the Joker, The Spider Man… O yes the Assassinator… so on and go after your enemies, each of them. The below is the army of cold blooded specialists on our fortress.