Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheers to the People of Libya!

Wow the great people of Libya with a huge appetizer for their freedom, crowned themselves as their own lofty head and enthroned their own golden throne! Called freedom! THE PEOPLE OF LIBYA! venomous and voraciously eating up all the cities! Gaddafi has no land for his standing, trampling with his little tripled green dimwit and running miles like headless chicken! It is called a little twiddle twiddle Gaddafi march into his own tomb! His green little tombstone says ‘Gaddafi is resting in his fiddle in his riddle!’ O the veracious Libyan eating eating their own cities towns. What a magnificent march! Keep going keep going all the way summit! The world behind you and we all cheer your splendour march! Gosh Revolution has many difference faces and CAN DO many different ways! What a day! I think UN should not sanction to Libya that only hurt Libyan people and I think the Libyan army their first duty among many is to protect the oil field and natural gas etc… which is the breast line for the People of Libya! Have a great day!
Live Blog Libya Here
And the below is Gaddafi in his little wisdome! In his inauguration speech as a king of his own graveyard!

Here is also Bird Eye View NYT Reporting!

Here is how Gaddafi lost his mind of NO land!