Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Before Paris Meeting


The UN Supervision Mission (UNSMIS) in Syria said on Wednesday it will resume its work once conditions allow observers to go on patrols.
"We are reviewing this on a daily basis and immediately the conditions on the ground allow the implementation of our mandated tasks we will resume the mandated tasks, and it has been reviewed on a daily basis," said UNSMIS chief, Robert Mood.
Mood's statement came after a meeting with a Syrian government working group led by Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad.
The UN Supervision Mission continues to hold humanitarian visits to hospitals in Damascus, despite the suspension of its activities and patrols.
Increasing violence in Syria's hotspots forced it to suspend activities more than two weeks ago.
A group of observers visited Mwasa hospital in Damascus on Wednesday (July 4), where they met with the hospital manager and doctors.
 Criminal regime has to do something before the Paris meeting so that “ friend of Syria” won’t do much- pretend committed UN plans but after the meeting finish and they continues carried out killings: DO NOT  believed  the lair criminal anymore!  I am a visual  I cad not see any images in my head how this Geneva g result would work, I have this mental bloc of  Annan’s plan as only I can see Russia opportunistic approach to  try to highjack and to retain old regime( without Assad only may be ok??? ) but I can see clearly; i) empowering FSA as they are the Champions, current cell structure is a fanciful work of art, bring into more disciplinary, a formal, an octopus anatomical structure -cell structures and condemning, demoralizing  Assad criminal  army so that either collapsing or defecting!  While ii) UN, i.e.  every human right organization push pressure on UNSC( if they failed to so this one they must drown at midst of deprived ocean)make criminal formally refer to ICC and make him a war criminal with few of his cronies, iii) international community strong arms and economic sanctions, iv) Somehow NATO bit of flicking their muscle around behind somewhere with Turkey, v) humanitarian aid must get into areas which they desperately needed them, vi) The Revolutionaries must united, -of course can disagree that is healthy things - but important to be united, open to talk both side-any side whoever they are interest in talking-to you, flexible… vii) remember no one especially Western allies they don’t want to blow up that region…