Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We Love LIFE More Than They Love DEATH!! Colonel Abdul Jabbar Aqidi Terrifying message to Hezbollah!

This is the  wining strike! Really well armed FSA who willing to give their life for their Syria that make a huge huge difference on the ground! Arming FSA! 

 (06-02-13) #Homs #Syria | Colonel AbdelJabaar Al-Iqaydi: said that   '70% of Syria Already is Liberated' by the FSA Revolutionary  

I have said what I have said before, here repeat again;  THIS IS A WAR! Remember this!  while West and US et al are talking about endless trivia, spending on billion on refugees, avoiding arming FSA and while Russia, Iran et al they didn't care of refugee  or trivia things but actually  arming criminal Assad aid with money terrorists Hezbollah  etc... let him fighting.  The is a war!  Lethal weapons keys to fight the war, first foremost and then talking about diplomacy!  

UPDATE: Ideal world we can endlessly talking about descent things about, war crime, red lines, humanity, peaces, jihadist…etc,  well we are dealing with this criminal Assad, who are  combine with some of infamous killers of Hitler,  Pol Pot Milošević et al, world enough tested who  this criminal is, still want to talk to him peace agreement? Why should he? He thinks he can win this war, then why should he to talk with the Opposition? Well armed  FSA is the only perhaps the best option available for the West and US et al, unless you give in entirely! Then what will happens? You answer this question!