Saturday, June 1, 2013

A War Waged By Criminal Assad Regime Against Its Own People

This is a Declaration to Humanity 

There is no civil war in Syria. There is a war waged by the regime against its own people

There is a total organised destruction of all cities, agricultural areas, traditional places, historical sites, religious building whether Muslim or Christian, social life......... not to mention what happen to people in between.

There are a lot of human touches in this war: a women carrying her baby trying to run away from danger, a little girl who has lost her entire family, a father looking for a shelter to his children, young people who have become disabled due to indiscriminate shelling, a father burying his child, and millions of people displaced inside Syria, or living in refugee camps in the surrounding countries.

History will record that, in the 21st century, where the world has become a global village, a complete nation was treated inhumanly, tortured, displaced, people killed by a regime that has committed crimes against humanity, and all the free world turned its face away, leaving tens of millions face their miserable fate for a continuous period of 26 months, and still counting..... (from: British Syrians & Friends in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution) Via Syrian Days of Rages