Thursday, June 20, 2013

United Force The FSA Revolutionary - Arming Overnight Express

This is from Major General Dr. Salim Idris, Chief of General Staff Statement

Today, in the Turkish capital Ankara,  Major General Dr. Salim Idris, Chief of general staff of the Syrian military and revolutionary forces, hold a meeting with a group of the Revolutionary military commanders from inside Syrian to discuss mutual coordination and cooperation and consolidation of efforts in the future and Major General Idris stresses that this meeting was a success and came as an initial step in a series of meetings began today and will continue in the future with all the forces are operation on Syrian territory,  with agree to unify  military body that includes all fragmented  fighter against the regime of dictator Bashar and bring to the Uniting military efforts for topple Basahr and change  Syria soon, especially after the arrival of several batches of modern weapons from some friendly countries that would accelerate the success of this mission.  God willing!

I am not sure what has happen but acutely this original page has been disappeared which I posted this morning,  and was  replaced another page, but anyway fix this page now. Bit strange. anyway earlier posts was, US et al send arming overnight express courier, not snail mail...

In addition, I have just read an article that  General Idris is very a rational leader! Been thinking that the right leadership for united Syria post Assad!? He said that he wants to Assad leave power and build " tolerant and democracy  Syria" I think very smart and conscience, very powerfully  persuasively and  honestly plea to international community for help! You can count on him, he is honest and sincere,  very cool and no nonsense approach, the  leadership Syria may need now! West and US have to support him, he is the problems solving for the US et al...

Via from Syrian Day of Rage: