Thursday, June 20, 2013

After G8 Summit

David Cameron on Syria: We reserve right to act without vote

David Cameron has told MPs that the government will reserve the right to arm rebels in Syria without holding a vote in the House of Commons.
He said it was essential to keep the "ability to take action very swiftly"
The prime minister also said Russia now agreed it was "necessary" and "right" that President Assad must be ousted before peace could be achieved....Read more 
Good, in my view  Putin  always know criminal Assad no future, but they hold its unreasonable position for  their bargaining, prior to  G8 criminal Assad  allied with Iran and Hezbollah was bit wining on the ground, clearly always criminal Assad prepared for these big events and very calculated so that gives reasons  Russia defend for him, which suited Russia without any cost, so many states leaders were lined up try to negotiated with Kremlin, but Kremlin thought they still have time..., they enjoyed the glory of maintained obnoxiousness criminal helper, amazing things were their attitude of they are the only one should arms criminal Assad but no Western US should arm the FSA et al... well anyway, they may now if not too careful they will have no postilion at all not only Syria but all Sunni Muslim Arabic countries and they will may be face on international isolation of supporting criminal Assad, also they see their opportunity of having position post Assad- reserving military and security force. One criminal sacrifice for!  Clearly G8 Summit did a great job, especially UK and US announcing of arming the FSA revolutionary.  Sum up this criminal gory Assad thought   sectarian fight make him win but the very thing get him into the drain faster than anyone can imagine. Especially 1,3 billion Sunni Muslim, he didn't think about the numbers. Also F-16 fighters jets lined  up at Jordanian boarder did is a great tactical movement I think... while we are bombing... why I should I tell other people what I am doing ... Mr Cameron should punch Mr Putin's face with  his G8 KO could have been a spectacle.