Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hard Hard Sectarian...

This is from Hadi al-Abdallah - Official Homs | | Hezbollah criminal Assad jointly carried out  massacres that took place against civilians and wounded heroes fighters  while trying to displacement of the city  click the clip see video   

Heroes Must Have Food to Fight 

Mass exodus of people of the city

No leader has right to destroy whole country in this way... 40 years criminal Assad family rule he thought Syrian is his own, so he can do whatever he likes, 23 million Syrian people are his slave, their fates are this criminal hands... well things are not going to his way for sure! Well what a shame, this is going to be a hard hard sectarian... the world still can prevent sectarian conflict, the world must act strongly Hezbollah must withdrew,   this is Syrian people's revolution, criminal assad turn into sectarian fighting, there is  world population of Sunni 1.3 billion Shia around 200 million.... Russia alone 32 million Muslim,  majority of would be Sunni,  what is the world waiting for? One criminal Assad you have to sacrifice for!