Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Revolutionary Must Tell The World

Hadi al-Abdallah - Official Page Post as

Media Centre in short: can not describe what we saw and can not talk about what happened because it is not likely Description of mercy to the martyrs and healing for the wounded and the safety of Mvcodean and it's all because of the weakness of Muslims, Arabs and the world  God with us nor Neptga is satisfied.....
This Revolutionary Hadi al-Abdallah was all along with the FSA fighters at the Qusair battles...  he says the above... he must to speak out, even if the world useless and injustices but he must continuously ceaselessly  whips and evoke the silence world with passion and eloquence!  His obligation,  his duty to his people, to the heroic fighters who fight on the ground and brave heroes martyrs who gave their life to the Syria....   what he show what he witness...  he must tell the world!