Sunday, June 2, 2013

Do Anyone Know Where This Syrian Ship Heading for?  
The most worrisome is the deepening sectarian divide that threatens to unravel several states, posing a long-term challenge to the region's stability. Several Arab states are already in turmoil, victims of this phenomenon. Sectarian tension in Lebanon is an old story, as it is in Bahrain. Iraq has once again exploded in sect violence. And the situation in Kuwait has become a concern.

Our polling shows that most Arabs blame Iran for fomenting this division, and point to the war that is destroying Syria as the major driver behind these sectarian tensions. Iran, one might say, has worked hard to earn this reputation. From the earliest days of the Islamic Republic, they agitated, they provoked, and they meddled. When challenged, they fell back on their time-tested claims to be the "leader of the resistance against the West" and a source of popular revolution.

Yeah, the Syrian people will win, this is their bloody revolution, and bloodiest one, bloody prices they are paying, so they will win!  After 40 years criminal rules, Syrian people rises and fighting the criminal regime! Syria never will be backward but forward even if the cost is dear!  Roughly about 70-80% Syrian population were born during the Assad family rules, so the change already made immense,  the mind of revolution is clear, focuses on its goal, what is the obstacles, what they are navigating, no illusion about their revolution.
  Iranian  "Green Movement"  should rise too! What are they waiting for?