Sunday, June 16, 2013

Russia Stands for Its Gory Criminal Killing 100,000 People

RUSSIA is breaking no rules by supplying weapons to the Syrian regime, President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday after a pre-G8 summit meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

"Russia supplies arms to the legitimate government of Syria," Putin said at a joint press conference with Cameron. "We are not breaching any rules or laws and we call on all our partners to act in the same fashion."

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So far 100,000 people were killed, more than 200,000 are  imprisoned or disappeared,  million of people internally externally displacement, horrendous immense tragic of sectarian is unfolding, threat  the regional and the world security… and also most saddest thing is the lost generation  these million of children have deprived of their nourishment of education, and whole Syrian is ransacked by this gory inhuman Russian pet Assad and his gory regime. Now, yes Russia lawfully supplied arms to its gory pet Assad et al let him doing all these things, is this lawful?  Does the  international law doesn't  address the “ACCOMPLICE”  or accessory  of the crimes, as gory criminal Assad every his breath he committed crime.

UPdate: If US et al try to purse to Putin's consensus re: Syria he will do more distant, as his personalty is all power, agree with west mean for Putin his personal power lessen, I don't think ever he will agree with what US et al proposed, even if that is reasonable terms to the Russia, Putin try to his own terms.    Russia maintained its exclusivity by complete  unconscionable attitude  this immense humanitarian tragedy by using its unsc veto and selling arms and protecting its gory pet Assad.

Update: UK PM body language...  around news really funny, he is almost punching Putin face...