Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Angel the Saudi Kingdom

“Saudi Arabia is not a country that interferes in internal affairs of countries,” Saud said in a news conference with visiting Secretary of State John F. Kerry. “But an invaded country,” he said in a reference to Hezbollah and Iranian militia fighters joining Assad’s forces, “where genocide is being perpetrated, is not a normal situation. And I can say with clarity that we will help the Syrian people defend themselves.”... Read more
I can hear your laughing!  see the title, yeah anyone  help FSA revolutionary  to topple criminal gory criminal is the angel of angel purest of all... I don;t care what their personal motives are... the Kingdom has money  all other Gulf States are really rich while criminal Assad no money at all. Also just news,  Russia officials made a statement saying that    Presently, the Russian Defense Ministry has not a single person stationed in Syria. The base does not have any strategic military importance,”  if this is true Aha! a great news! So many people so many people were killed unbelievable... God bless anyone help the FSA et al.. yes I am believer of God Allah! anyway if Russia withdrew its military personal from Syria sensible  things and they bet wrong side of coin for sure! Mood is changing... hoping all the lethal arms promised countries  must send them arms to the FSA et al overnight express couriers... no hesitation please!