Monday, June 17, 2013

Awesome Mistrust

Putin, Obama face off over Syria at tense G8 summit meeting

Closeness make heart grow cold -Nothing to talk about it...

(Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama sparred with Russia's Vladimir Putin over how to end the war in Syria on Monday during an icy encounter at a G8 summit where divisions over the conflict eclipsed the rest of the agenda.
"With respect to Syria, we do have differing perspectives on the problem but we share an interest in reducing the violence and securing chemical weapons and ensuring that they're neither used nor are they subject to proliferation," Obama said.

We are expecting this ice encountering,  precise the Rebel victory could have been difference...    what else we talk about... precise the Rebel victory only  able to bring the parties come to talk.

Update: It says they have been talking few hours... after that they had enough of each other... the good old days of cold war, there were still left over warmth to coddle  each other but when  one gets older meaning of ageing is dear fear, so ironed mask filibuster of inner tantrums!!!