Friday, June 21, 2013

Russia Selfless Love

There no such thing peace talk in Russian perspective, they wan to do their own talk disguise as a peace talk. They worry that US et al arming the FSA revolutionary and F-16 line up Jordanian boarder and the foreign ministry meeting “Friend of Syria”  take place at Qatar today. Russian try to seize the momentum of criminal Assad bit wining on the ground for their bargaining tool for getting their upper hand, they know if this conflict drags on  as they can see there is only way ending this war. Russia is very obnoxiously noisy, what they are saying is that 1)  everything what West US does to the FSA  et al that are illegal, irrational illogical or wrong, risk of the Syria, or arming terrorist and jeopardising  the peace talk 2) Russia is arming and supporting war criminal Assad’s committing  atrocity is legal, doing right thing to the Syrian people and Syria, they can decide Syrian future by themselves it is empowering Syrian people.  Sums up is what Russia is saying is that US et al wrong they are right so world should listen Russia they don’t have any other agenda but truly care about Syria. By the way Russia and China how much they spend aid for Syrian refugees