Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FSA Logistics Problems

Some members of the Syrian opposition disputed reports Wednesday that an alliance of government troops and Hezbollah fighters had driven rebel forces out of the strategic town of Qusair.
“The rebels haven't exited Al-Qusair at all," said Mohammad Younes Harba, a security officer with the opposition Al-Wadi militia who said he left Qusair on Tuesday. He added, however, that he didn’t know where the rebel forces were. “The militias will refuse to leave, they will die there.”
However, Harba painted a picture of grim conditions for the rebel forces in the town, which has been under siege for weeks.

He said there were negotiations Tuesday night between the opposition’s Free Syrian Army and Hezbollah, which is aligned with the Syrian government, for the opposition fighters to withdraw. That explained the sudden fall of Qusair, he said. During the course of the intense fighting, the rebels’ ammunition cache had dwindled and few reinforcements arrived.

“Even without ammunition, though, they would have stayed and fought with the ammunition of the enemy,” Harba said of the rebels. “But there is no food. There have been eight days without food, nothing. They aren't able to stand on their feet. They wish for just a piece of bread."
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All the Syrian National Coalitions, (they are the biggest risk of the Revolution) are siting at the 5 start hotels, fating their assess, their families are removed  comfortably safety places outside of Syria, and fighting over day after after for  their lousy pieces of pie, instead lobby pursuing trying-  put their life on their revolutions like  heroic fighters at the ground-   for diplomacy the international for  selling their revolution, money weapons and  food for the heroes on the ground. While the FSA Revolutionaries  fight with the enemy  without food and weapons.  So what I am saying is that the world community must deal with FSA Revolutionary  deal with them directly instead lousy bunch of quarrelsome nobodies, criminal Assad control  some of groups  too.