Thursday, June 27, 2013

Syria Should not be ... the Rwanda of the 21st Century

AMMAN, JORDANGen. Salim Idris, the Syrian rebel commander of the U.S.-backed Supreme Military Council, sent an urgent warning to the United Nations Security Council this week alleging "systematic ethno-sectarian cleansing" by the Assad regime. In a letter obtained by CBS News, Idris accused the regime and Iranian-backed Hezbollah fighters of targeting Sunni minorities in western Syria, specifically the town of Tal Kalakh, northwest of Qusayr. He said regime forces are using barbed wire fences, barricades and landmine fields to seal off areas, and that thousands living inside could be massacred.
"Syria should not be allowed to become the Rwanda of the 21st century," Idris wrote. ... read more
The letter below is General Idris's letter to the UN