Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Freedom Fighters

The FSA Revolutionary bit of set back from Qusayr battle but that is all about war, some win some loses until we will completely victory!  Without much support from outside our heroes FSA Revolutionary are fighting a tremendous battle with well armed Hezbollah ground and criminal Assad endless airstrikes and shelling. All the Revolutionary martyr heroes they fought for their Syria, their people and world humanity and for betterment of our civilization, thus their sacrifice would not vain. While criminal Assad thugs and Hezbollah merely are fighting for a criminal tyrant Assad. What a shame! When this war is over, streets are clears from rubbles, snipers and deaths, and people at markets, love songs at homes, sky free from dread fighter jets then children will play at school yards… then you will see who are the victors who are the heroes from this war and who lay the foundation of the freed Syria!  The revolutionary heroes are free, so they are rich because they have freedom,  who are richer than the freedom fighters? They are like fire birds they will rise from their own ashes!  They never die they will rise rise again again!