Saturday, June 8, 2013

Reserve for One Enemy

Ever since the formidable  al-Nusra Front’s  announcement  of its alliance it Al Qaeda, that is deeply hurt to the FSA revolutionary, immensely leverage to criminal Assad. The world’s short memory of  past history of  criminal Assad has been  deeply friendly coddling with Al Qaeda in Iraqi, world started condemned  the best fighting group on the rebel side front  against criminal Assad. So I wondered this suddenly announcement of al-Nursa and Al Qaeda is premeditated concoction of blaming of the Syrian revolution as a terrorist group.

Today again the al Qaeda leader, ancient man from caveman’s’ ideas  hardly any ordinary person think of he is a trend setter of ideas of modernity, as he is saying that:  united Islam rebel on the ground and fighting defeat to Assad regime and make Syria Islamic states and united against Zionist  state Israel.  Well this says all, anyone can see where he is coming from, he is coming from criminal Assad side again. Make sure west and US back off because of al Qaeda is hovering around background somewhere this Revolutions, well if I were  Assad I would certainly buy off this ancient caveman al Qaeda leader for his caveman’s dark comfort.  

To the FSA revolutionary, must focus on one enemy now, your enemy is criminal Assad, do not create another enemy, all the energy resources forces on just one enemy.