Friday, June 14, 2013

Fast, Shocking, Quickly and Ruthlessly

The main reason arming Free Syrian Army Revolutionary (FSA) is that they able to  hold the balance bargaining power on the ground so that both parties have incentive to  come to the table and try to make  political settlement if they have any. If un-balance of bargaining  power on the ground, the strong party has no incentive to talk, especially criminal Assad wants to keep his family in power even if he destroys whole Syria and the region. There is chemical weapon, he had been testing here and there but often enough as there has been well documented video evidences, it able to kill millions within minutes.  And formidable tragic sectarian killing unfold, was initiated by this very gory inhuman, he will do everything try to stay. If he thinks he can win this game by using these weapons and tactics what incentive he has come to the table?  What option the world has now? So we have ask question; If  let this criminal win helped by Iran, Hezbollah and Russia, then what will happen in Syria and the region?  Or arming FSA so that they hold balance power on the ground so that both party have incentive to talk, then what will happen?  So clear to your mind sake of the future Syria,  the region and the World! Also the world need the US leadership solving this problems! 

 Napoleon said there's nothing theoretical about war. You do what you have to do. You do it fast, and you surprise the enemy and shock him if you can. Move quickly and be ruthless about it.