Saturday, June 1, 2013

Maliki wastes Iraq’s money in Syria and Iran

Offering services for free - Al Arabyia

Iran is economically besieged because of its nuclear program; it can only sell a small part of its oil, and cannot trade with many countries of the world. It cannot even transfer dollars because of the U.S. sanctions. Maliki is now offering his services for free, spending billions of dollars from Iraqi people’s money on Iranian political projects. Iranian bills are sent to Maliki to finance Hezbollah and Hamas and he has also offered a $3 billion to Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi without interest, while Qatar had offered a similar sum but with a high interest.
Maliki made a generous deal with Moscow to buy arms and finance Assad’s regime with what he needs, from money to ammunition. He has even taken care of his external expenditure, supplying him with fuel for the past two years. This is why the regime’s military vehicles are still functional even though the Syrian refineries have stopped working.
The problem is not just deprivation and poverty, but it has to do with the instability that he engendered. …He has not granted the Iraqis any security, peace or development, but rather he has opened doors to personal fights against Sunni leaders ….Now, he launches a new fight to support the drowning regime in Syria. Last week, the world was surprised to see Maliki sending 20,000 fighters to the border with Syria under the pretext of “fighting al-Qaeda.” In fact there is no al-Qaeda, he is afraid of Syrian rebels, so he started “liberating” villages that Assad’s regime had lost, trying to open up the seized crossings and move on to a new war!

All but sectarian… after Saddam Hussein,  the US trillion dollar made another dictator, the dictator Maliki helping Iran and criminal Assad...