Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Complex to Simple

By some accounts, two strands of the debate — how to respond to the possible use of chemical weapons and how to deal with the recent setbacks to the rebels — are beginning to merge in the administration’s deliberations.

Be silly, well yes, I learnt this from Paul Krugmen, his word “silly” ofcourse not silly at all but deadly,  complexity to simplified,   I am not joke, when you have really serious problems, you digging into the hills arduous discusses desert every angles that make you impossible to act you only can see land minds around you so you can not move a step, Napoleon said “ war is war” what can you do about it? Arming FSA Revolutionary is the solution. If FSA strong well armed there would be again large defection.

Update: Qusayr battle for example, well armed Hezbollah( by any mean they had high moral as it was not their war) on the ground with tanks heavy weapons  and criminal gang fighter jets airstrikes at the 50,000 populated city, they took almost 20 days to fall. What this mean is that , even if not well trained demoralized people can fight well if they are well armed. The FSA Revolutionary able to withstands and fought  20 days with only light arms without food you can  bet your bottom dollar if they are well armed!