Thursday, June 20, 2013

Russian Hypocrisy

Welcome to Russian doublespeak.
Some of you may have trouble understanding Moscow’s logic, or will at least find it remarkably cynical. But anyone who used to watch the prime time Soviet show “International Panorama” will be at an advantage in interpreting what Russia really means. After all, this is the same program that trained viewers to be able to distinguish between the “ignition of new offensive arms race” (U.S. development of strategic weapons) and “maintenance of the power balance and international security” (Soviet development of strategic weapons). Of course, regular viewers would also never confuse the “blood-thirsty hirelings of Capital” (anti-communist guerrillas) with the “valiant freedom fighters” (pro-communist guerrillas). And audiences would also be fully aware that Western intervention anywhere in the world is a “shameless attack on sovereignty by ruthless NATO occupants,” while Soviet invasion is a selfless fulfillment of “an international duty to support brotherly peoples.”
It is now becoming clear, however, that when Russia talks of a “peaceful solution” in Syria, it refers to only one acceptable outcome – the political survival, at any cost, of its authoritarian ally and the maintenance of the security apparatus that has ruled Syria for over 40 years. This is the only stability Russia believes in, and, unsurprisingly, this is the same stability it is trying to enforce within its own borders. In the past year, Russian authorities have imposed a severe crackdown on civil society, aimed at stifling political protest and ensuring Vladimir Putin’s unchallenged rule.
The only way to get Russia to collaborate with the international community in a constructive way is to make it clear that this obstructive behavior has a real cost. As a first step, the U.S. and Europe should refuse to enter into any new deals with Russia’s state-owned arms trading company Rosoboronexport – including weapons purchase, the company’s planned appearances in arms trade shows, and its advertising in industry publications. They should encourage other Rosoboronexport clients around the world to do the same. Needless to say, deals with other countries supplying arms to the Syrian government should stop as well. ... Read more 
 Putin's fear he see himself criminal assad!

UpDate: Still Putin see Russia as cold war superpower, against West  and US, that has been mistaken by US et  al thought that Russia has been changed as it ended with the cold war but, but Russia still in cold war! That is difference between and West+US and Russia.
Via Syrian Days of Rage