Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Again Criminal Assad Dirty Job

General Idris, the FSA revolutionary leader releases statement of re; the incident of 14 years old teenager was killed in Aleppo by unknown thug reasoning insult the God. It was  criminal Assad did the killing, says.  

General Staff of the forces of the military and revolutionary Syrian sincere condolences to the parent of the child martyr Mohammed,  who was killed by bullets of treachery in the city of Aleppo, a few days ago and we also confirms that the sole responsibilities of this killing is  despicable criminal regime who delights in killing innocent children everywhere in Syria,  these thugs are cultivated by regime  intelligence, who are based on the rebel liberated areas and to carry out  killings that purpose of undermining  and blaming FSA revolutionary and  Islamic battalions, try to convince the West our blessed revolution are dominated by  militants and criminals… more read 

Update: I translated the above without warranty of accuracy so please you translated it yourself for more accuracy!!  BTW I am not a professional translator!