Thursday, June 13, 2013


(Reuters) - Among the consequences facing U.S. President Barack Obama if he decides against arming Syria's rebels is that Arab and European states may step in more aggressively, perhaps further fracturing rebel forces.
Diplomats and analysts said if Obama chooses not to arm the rebels, or to take a more active role in coordinating the flows of arms and money from others, he may find states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar pouring in even more money and materiel.

The danger, they said, is that this could accelerate a trend in which outside powers arm and fund preferred militants in Syria, creating client militias beholden to their patrons and undercutting efforts to develop a unified rebel front.

This is all about it. “ why Yankee has to do it?” People would say, but what option the world has now?! The world looking up on US to solve the problems. The world need the leadership! Enemies are not afraid of anyone else but only US that is why!