Monday, June 10, 2013

Syria’s Rebel Leadership New Pleas to Washington

Syria’s rebel leadership makes new pleas to Washington
“One can certainly make a better case that the situation is very bad for the United States, in addition to the FSA,” the official said, referring to the rebel Free Syrian Army, commanded by Gen. Salim Idriss. “That’s what’s changed.”

In a conversation with the State Department on Saturday, Idriss renewed his appeal for a no-fly zone over rebel-held areas of Syria, including the key northern supply corridor from Turkey to Aleppo.

His most urgent plea, however, was for arms and ammunition, including armor-piercing weapons and surface- to-air missiles, according to officials who are familiar with the conversation but spoke on the condition of anonymity about internal deliberations. “He said he was desperate,” an official said of Idriss.

General Idriss never give up until he gets weapons… the Power House bit of speed up...!