Sunday, June 9, 2013

Syrian People's Revolution

Hadi al-Abdallah - Official  says what is all about this Syrian Revolution about:  

I am Syrian, I am a man ... have simple dreams to live in peacefully  along with my neighbors, and I go to my work and walk around freely everywhere safely, I can express my opinions honestly what I like or what I don't like…  
 So they rise

And criminal Assad waged a war against Syrian people..., this was peaceful popular people's  uprising! The most horrendous hypocrite  things is that Russia is unsc, who veto for intervention, for purely their own interest name " peace and security of the world". Now well yes the world know what is happening...! This one criminal want to hanging power for his family after 40 years not enough, destroy Syria, evokes sectarian hates, all Syrian people would suffer years years... because of this one criminal! Why the world  stand for this one criminal, instead of the world security the world future and the world humanity and for all of us?  Why?