Monday, September 3, 2012

You Make Your Own Judgement

A criminal regime ministers  appeared on regimen owned TV  and beating up the rebels, saying a true "national opposition" would not confront the country's army criminal army. 

"I am one of the believers in freedom and openness," Zoubi told Fisk, adding later that "there is no justification to hide anything. People are used to the real facts now. Now it's all about reflecting on the screen what happens on the street … People nowadays have a lot of options on their television channels. We want to be one of those options. I am not trying to stop people watching Al Jazeera. But I want them to be able to decide for themselves."


Propaganda, indefensible in any circumstance,  but one things make it very clear even if propaganda  but it has to based on  truth, based on fact, how to show and how to tell, using symbols wording, string evoke  people feeling and emotiveness. We are all human. I call it propaganda intellect, without intellect in, if you are keeping telling pack of lie, you are shooting your own foot. End of the day no one believed if you are telling pack of lies, that is criminal regime has been doing.  I believed the opposition FSA is not much telling bullshit, they have so much, to tell what is happen in their side, hardly they are making it up things.  Their documentation the massacre dead bodies tortures, endless shelling, gruesome rotten human,  over flowing refugees, immense destruction of cities and towns, massacre after massacres,  animalist nature full blown wounded, well hardly they are making them up as  good marketing but  they are  telling truth of the tyranny criminal profound violation human dignity indistinguishable sadistic inhumane.  We are all savvy we know what have to know we can see what we want to see and what is lie to him, but that can be truth to us.  If the guy in kowtow suite in criminal regime, he believe the criminal tv telling the truth, that is his dimwit rat hole provocation, that is fine.   I believed that CNN and Al Jazeera is telling the truth, that is we want to that way that is the truth. Least we know that is better procreative and  forward our civilization.  All the Revolutionary they can do whatever they like to overthrown the criminal tyranny, they are freemen  and they refuse to obey that is why they are called Revolutionary. What national army?  There is a criminal army, who are  protecting criminal family,  destroy and bombing  their nation’s cities towns,  massacre on their own people, they drive  Syrian people out form their homes. They can not call themselves national army. The national army is FSA, they are protecting and standing  for  their people and Syria.   If they had a rule to believed they never start this journey for sure, there is no such rule to obey under tyranny regime. All these coward kowtow rat hole grooves defect, be your own!  (I strike through)