Sunday, September 16, 2012

“We’re in this Revolution to the End,”

Syrian children taking refuge in a tent at the Bab al-Salam camp in Azaz,
near the Syrian-Turkish border. Photograph: Zain Karam/Reuters
“It’s not like a government, it is a government,” said the head of the military office, Capt Ahmed Abu Rashid, as he fiddled with his Kalashnikov. “We’ve decided to build a new country and this organisation is the basis for that.”

While all other offices currently feed into the revolutionary command, this power will eventually be transferred to the political office “once the revolution is complete”, he claimed. “My responsibility is the security of the citizens,” he said, “and let me tell you, if absolutely anyone does anything wrong here, I will put them in prison.”

The burden of government has already brought its own challenges. Relief centres situated in major towns distribute medicines, powdered milk, blankets and nappies. But disputes have arisen, as some citizens claim others are getting more than their fair share.
Dr Muaaid Abu Samih was stocktaking before shutting up shop. “I’m all for the FSA,” he said of the new fledgling administration. “At least you can criticise them if they do something wrong. Assad’s soldiers would have taken your life.”

That is rejoice, a great! Feel of vitality, The foundation of the new Syria! Many good things happen to them, brings so many goodness within, make sure West should support this community make sure there is no air strike this democracy state. Really need NO-Fly-Zone. Why West is so snobby snarling  wordings but where is their action?