Friday, September 28, 2012

Terrorist Assad Highly Classified Doc

A special news program showcasing newly-leaked and highly-classified Syrian security documents will be aired by Al Arabiya News Channel, the 24/7 free-to-air news and current affairs newscaster.

These documents were obtained with the assistance of members in the Syrian opposition; which has preferred not to elaborate on how they got hold of them, Al Arabiya said.

The channel said that it has verified and authenticated hundreds of these documents and that it has decided to disclose ones with substantial news value and political relevance.

“The documents will reveal – for the first time – shocking information which includes details about what happened to the Turkish fighter-jet downed by Syria and incidents which reveal the Syrian regime’s role in attempting to shake Jordan’s and Lebanon’s stability,” Al Arabiya said.

The newly leaked documents reveal the Iranian and Russian roles in aiding the Assad regime and the establishment of a joint command force which intervenes in all matters related to the Syrian crisis.

Furthermore, Hezbollah’s role is also disclosed through the documents, showing how the armed group received written and clear orders from the highest authorities to ‘eradicate’ Syrian activists and carry out a series of bombings.

 This will show how certain unsc members are   despot of terrorist themselves, under banner of peace and security.  Also  go through some of this and see yourself  compiling atrocities commits by the terrorist regime gangs. I think Russia is losing much greater share of pie from Middle East  than they gain from supporting terrorist regime.   And also this  Deir Ezzor: A copy of the massacre in the Jura district. do not apologize for the ugliness of view because it is the reality in which we live every day Y  people were killed by terrorist assad gangs like worthless things!