Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Criminal Head 25 Million Bounty

Syria rebel officer offers $25 million bounty on Assad, 'dead or alive' 

Photo by AP

A commander with the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) has offered a 25-million-dollar bounty for anyone who captures Syrian President Bashar Assad "alive or dead," reported the Turkish news agency Anatolia on Tuesday.

Start thing move... only the way, within criminal Assad there is no peace, the mighty mass Syrian people will not forgive forget, what has happen to their life. If any deals including the criminal few of his cronies there is no future for the deal.  Iran speech after the Arab contract meeting fanciful, while they supply arms militants to criminal regime, demand  Saudi Kingdom et al stop supporting the FSA.  Well they should switch side for the revolutionary FSA instead criminal whose end near.   While all the international community is spectator and making gigantic kindness cockcrow wordings in their crocodiles dean while so many civilians dead by criminal bombs.